At Toolsidee you can purchase products free of VAT when you, as a foreign VAT liable customer, place an order with us and have it delivered abroad. Your order will be delivered with the 0% VAT rate. This is called an intra-Community delivery and is mandatory according to current legislation and regulations. The reason for this is because we deliver the products from the Netherlands.

The transaction takes place between 2 companies subject to VAT. This means that the order is in the name of a foreign registered VAT company. In addition, a valid VAT number is entered when placing the order. This VAT number belongs to a company registered with the European VIES . Finally, the billing and delivery address of the first order must be the same as the address at which the company is registered with the VIES. This means that you cannot have the order sent to a store or post.

If my VAT number is rejected?

Check the following:

Is something wrong? Adjust that at the European VIES or simply order with VAT. Is everything correct? Then we advise you to look up your data at the European VIES . We rely on these data for the audit. Sometimes the data at the European VIES is not up-to-date. In that case, contact these authorities and provide us with the official proof of address change.