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HBM HY3200i Generator / Inverter with 3200W Gasoline Engine

HBM HY3200i Generator / Inverter with 3200W Gasoline Engine

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The HBM HY3200i Generator is a compact, lightweight and portable inverter generator that provides an efficient and energy-efficient energy source of 3200W (3.2kW). With this generator you have access to modern electrical facilities everywhere, ideal for traveling with a caravan, camper or tent.

  • Powerful and Reliable Generator: Powered by a powerful 208cc 4-stroke engine, this generator produces 3200W and effortlessly powers televisions, air pumps, heaters, laptops, lighting and much more.
  • Compact and easy to carry: With a weight of only 35 kilograms and compact construction (55 x 40 x 45 cm), this generator is easy to carry and store. The presence of two smooth wheels makes it mobile.
  • Sustainable and energy-efficient 4-stroke engine: The ECO mode ensures that only the necessary power is delivered and only the necessary fuel is used. This increases the lifespan and reduces the noise level.
  • Equipped with LED display: The LED display on the front also allows you to easily measure the status and performance (voltage, frequency, time) of the generator.
  • Automatic protection: The generator automatically switches off when overload or low fuel level occurs, minimizing the risk of damage to the generator and connected equipment.

With the HBM HY3200i Generator you are assured of an economical, sustainable and reliable energy source for on the road. Including various installation accessories and tools and HBM manuals. With 2 year HBM warranty.


  • Powerful, reliable 3200W generator
  • Mobile due to the presence of two smooth wheels
  • Durable and energy-efficient 4-stroke engine including eco function
  • Ideal for traveling with a camper, caravan or tent
  • Equipped with LED display, 230V and 12V DC output
  • Automatic protection against overload and low fuel
  • 35 kilograms
  • Compact construction: 55 x 40 x 45 cm
  • Noise level: very quiet; only 59 dB(A) 7m
  • Fuel capacity: 7.4 litres.
  • Fuel: Euro unleaded (basic).
  • Oil capacity: 600 milliliters.
  • Required oil: SAE 10W-30 (not included).
  • Operating time: 9 hours (50% consumption).
  • Frequency: 50 Hz.
  • 2 year HBM warranty.

The HBM HY3200i Generator is the ideal solution for anyone looking for a reliable, powerful and energy-efficient generator. With a capacity of 3200W, this inverter generator is suitable for most applications. Due to its low weight and compact dimensions, this generator is also very portable and easy to store. The HBM HY3200i Generator comes with various installation accessories and tools, as well as an extensive manual. With the 2-year HBM warranty you are also assured of a reliable and durable purchase.

Article number: 8375-E

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