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Kroon Oil ceramic grease

Kroon Oil ceramic grease

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Kroon Oil Ceramic Grease is a high-quality assembly paste and high-temperature lubricating grease that is supplied in a 600 gram jar. This product, from the renowned Kroon-Oil brand, has a unique composition that gives it a very high temperature range (peak temperature approx. 1500°C) and offers high pressure resistance.

Unique properties

Kroon-Oil Ceramic Grease has even more properties that make it a particularly high-quality product:

  • Reduces the friction of moving parts
  • Provides good protection against corrosion
  • Lubricates and protects without metal particles (no electrolytic corrosion)

These properties make Kroon Oil Keramisch Grease ideal for use during the assembly/disassembly of components of ABS and ASR systems, brake parts, (glow) spark plugs, lambda sensors, exhaust parts, (bolt) connections, connections of different metals (e.g. steel/aluminium). ), various joints and flanges in industry and ovens and components exposed to very high temperatures.

Suitable for high temperatures and pressures

Kroon Oil Ceramic Grease is also very suitable for lubrication of applications that are exposed to very high temperatures and/or high pressures. We advise you to always use the prescribed dosage.

In short, Kroon Oil Ceramic Grease is a high-quality product that can be used for many purposes. It lubricates, protects and prevents corrosion. It is therefore indispensable for anyone who tinkers with cars or works with machines that are exposed to high temperatures and/or pressures.

Article number: 1772-E

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Cooling-off period 14 days
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