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Michelin 6 Liter Professional Low Noise Compressor

Michelin 6 Liter Professional Low Noise Compressor

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  • Description

The Michelin 6 liter professional Low Noise Compressor is a star in size and professionalism. This mobile and silent compressor has a very small 6 liter pressure tank and a compact design. With two motors and two diaphragms, this Low Noise compressor has an air output of 130 l/min, while remaining very quiet. The maximum pressure this compressor can reach is 8 bar, making it the ideal airbrush compressor for professional airbrush artists.

The 6 liter tank not only smoothes out pressure fluctuations, but is also a relatively large buffer for activities such as airbrushing. The compact design and small expansion tank make the compressor very portable. With a weight of only 15 kilos and a handy handle, this compressor is easy to move. In addition, the compressor consumes only 750 watts, despite its two motors.

This silent compressor is of Italian origin and comes standard with a pressure tank manometer, a working pressure manometer, a pressure reducing valve, a safety valve, a thermal motor protection, a water tap at the bottom of the tank and an outlet with a handy quick coupling. The rubber suction cups under the base ensure that the compressor remains stable and even sucks itself on smooth surfaces.

The Michelin 6 liter professional Low Noise Compressor is ideal for activities such as airbrushing, tacking, rivet pliers, sealant gun and light pneumatic tools with a discontinuous air demand.

Features of the Michelin 6 liter Low Noise Compressor

  • Brand: Michelin
  • Tank capacity: 6 litres
  • Working pressure: 8 bar
  • Air output: 130 l/min
  • Wattage: 750 watts
  • Voltage: 230 volts
  • Sound level: 78 DB

Article number: 8274-E

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