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HBM 1600W Electric Lawnmower / Lawnmower 38 cm

HBM 1600W Electric Lawnmower / Lawnmower 38 cm

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  • Description

The HBM 1600 Watt lawn mower is a compact electric garden machine that is easy to use and will quickly make your lawn look neat again. With its cutting blade with a diameter of 38 cm and a powerful 1600 Watt motor, this lawnmower sucks the grass upwards, making it stand upright. The rapidly rotating blade then cuts the grass to the desired length. The cutting height can be easily adjusted in 5 positions with a lever on the top of the lawnmower. This results in a flatter cut lawn than with lawnmowers where only the front wheels change in height.

The housing of the machine is made of UV-resistant and impact-resistant plastic (PP) and the parts that are subject to great forces are made of powder-coated steel. This makes this lawnmower safe, solid and yet very light. By attaching the collection box to the rear of this lawnmower, the cut grass is collected directly in the box. Without the bucket, the airflow in the cutting deck changes, further mulching the grass and leaving small grass clippings in the grass clippings for fertilization.

The HBM 1600W Electric Lawn Mower is lightweight, quiet and easy to maintain. This mower is ideal for gardens up to 500m² and has a rigid collector with a capacity of 40L. Thanks to the window with a level indicator, you can estimate the filling level of the bin at a glance. The front and rear wheels (150 mm and 200 mm) protect your lawn while driving and the soft grip steering wheel with 3 height adjustments makes using and storing your electric mower a real pleasure!

Note: no extension cord is included!

  • Blade diameter: 38 cm
  • 1600 Watt motor
  • Cutting height adjustable in 5 positions
  • UV-resistant and impact-resistant plastic (PP) housing
  • Powder coated steel parts
  • Collection container with a capacity of 40L
  • Front and rear wheels of 150 mm and 200 mm respectively
  • Soft grip handlebar with 3 height adjustments

Article number: 14541-E

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