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shipping costs

Fast Shipping for Your Convenience

At Toolsidee, we understand that speed is important. That's why we aim to ship your order within 48 hours of receiving your payment. We work hard to ensure that your products arrive quickly and efficiently.

Included Shipping and Handling Costs

The displayed shipping costs include processing fees. This means no surprises or hidden charges - the price you see is the price you pay.

Free Shipping on Selected Products

Note: Many products with free shipping! See icon on product page .

Shipping rates

CountryAddress DeliveryParcelshop delivery
Éire€ 13,99
United Kingdom€ 16,49
Österreich€ 12,49€ 12,49
België/Belgique€ 8,95€ 7,95
Bosna i Hercegovina€ 44,95
Bulgariya€ 27,95
Hrvatska€ 22,99
Kýpros€ 60,50
Ceská republika€ 33,95
Danmark€ 13,49€ 12,49
Eesti€ 17,49€ 17,49
Suomi€ 22,99€ 21,49
France€ 13,99€ 9,99
Deutschland€ 8,95€ 7,95
Elláda€ 29,99
Magyarország€ 16,99
Italia€ 16,99€ 13,99
Latvija€ 27,95€ 39,95
Liechtenstein€ 20,97
Lietuva€ 17,49€ 17,49
Lëtzebuerg€ 9,49€ 12,95
Malta€ 36,30
Nederland€ 7,95€ 6,95
Norge€ 57,10€ 50,82
Polska€ 13,99€ 11,99
Portugal€ 15,99€ 11,99
România€ 26,95
Slovensko€ 17,49
Slovenija€ 17,49
España€ 14,99€ 11,99
Sverige€ 15,99€ 15,99
Schweiz€ 45,97€ 45,97

Orders Weighing More Than 30 Kilograms

Within Europe, we ship all our orders over 30 Kilograms via a carrier specialized in transporting heavier and larger items. Our carrier delivers orders on the following days set by us: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.


If you are not present and the goods cannot be delivered, double shipping costs will be charged. Our carrier comes with a truck WITH a tail lift. The carrier will drive the order to the location you have indicated, unless this is not possible due to circumstances (gravel path, thresholds, unpaved road, etc.). In case of damage to the order upon delivery, this must always be noted on the freight bill. If this is not done, we cannot process this damage.

Reflection period 14 days
Delivery times 1 - 3 working days

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