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Telwin sprinter 3000 starts 230 volts 12-24v

Telwin sprinter 3000 starts 230 volts 12-24v

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  • Description

Mobile battery charger with starting aid for charging lead / acid batteries. Equipped with starting aid to start vehicles with empty batteries. If the battery is heavier than 120 Ah (which is the limit to be able to be started in one go), it can first be charged for 5 minutes and then started again. This battery charger / starter on wheels is suitable for charging lead accumulators of 12 - 24V and for starting all types of cars, motorcycles, vans, light trucks, tractors and trucks. Works on the mains. Protection against overloading and incorrect connection. Choose from normal charging, fast charging (BOOST) and fast starting.

  • Technical information Telwin Sprinter 3000 Start 230 Volt 12-24V.

    • Article number: 829390.
    • Mains voltage: 230V 50 / 60Hz.
    • Load / start absorbed capacity: 1 / 6.4 kW
    • Charging voltage / start: 12-24 V
    • Current charging efficiency: 45 A
    • Conventional charging current: 30 A
    • Starting peak current: 300 A
    • Nominal reference capacity min / max: 20/700 Ah
    • Dim. machine W x H x D: 320 x 380 x 780 mm
    • Net weight: 17 kg
    • EAN Code: 8004897961903
  • Other specifications.

    • Suitable for trucks
    • Heavy battery charger with starting aid
    • Equipped with solid case with plastic protection
    • For starting all cars, motorbikes, boats, vans, tractors and trucks.
    • Functions: loading, fast charging, starting
    • Display of charging and starting current
    • Thermal protection
    • Protected against polarity change
    • Included options:
    • Long and flexible cables with compact terminals
    • Clear display
    • Fuse
    • Switches for various functions with clear instructions
    • Solid plug for 230 V power supply
    • Manual with clear user instructions
  • Buying The Telwin sprinter 3000 starts 230 volts 12-24v is extremely easy at Toolsidee. You only need to add the product Telwin sprinter 3000 starts 230 volts 12-24v to the shopping cart and click on checkout. All our products have a minimum factory warranty of 1 year (unless stated otherwise above). Do you have any questions about the Telwin sprinter 3000 starts 230 volts 12-24v it is always possible to e-mail or call us. You can do this at our contact page. On this page you will also find information about sending the product back.

    Article number: 2269-E

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    Cooling-off period 14 days
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