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HBM Compact Mobile Air Conditioner - 2050 Watt - 27 m²

HBM Compact Mobile Air Conditioner - 2050 Watt - 27 m²

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With the sleekly designed HBM Compact Mobile Air Conditioner - 2050 Watt you keep a cool head in the warm days that are coming again. The silence with which this machine does this guarantees that the air conditioning will never disturb you: not during work and not during your night's sleep.

When the powerful fan is used to the maximum, the sound of this portable air conditioner only reaches a maximum level of 65 dBA, while it generates a considerable air flow.

The cooling capacity of this mobile air conditioner is sufficient to quickly cool a room of approx. 27m2 to a pleasant temperature. This is a real heat exchanger (heat pump) that sucks in the air in a room, cools it down and expels it again. This pumping of heat can move more heat than it costs, so that more (heat) energy is moved than is consumed.

The heat extracted from the air is dissipated through a flexible tube, which is attached to the back of the air conditioner. The other end of this tube can be hung from a window. Thanks to two included extendable plastic profiles and a special nozzle, you can also clamp this end in a door or window without any screws. As a result, no warm air can flow in and no cooled air can escape, making the cooling of the room even more efficient.

Furthermore, there is no shortage of luxury options and possibilities with this air conditioner. Of course, the temperature is digitally adjustable and clearly readable on an LED display. A child lock prevents unwanted operation by children's hands, if desired. The entire unit stands on smooth-running castors and is therefore easy to move. The air can be dehumidified or simply cooled. A sleep timer has also been thought of, with which you can switch off the air conditioning with a delay, so that you will fall asleep in a cool place, without the risk of waking up with a stiff neck the next morning.

The condensation water is collected in a buffer tray under the air conditioner. When this buffer is full, this is indicated on the display and the condensation water can be drained through a hose at the rear.

The infrared remote control ensures that you can operate all functions from your lazy chair or bed. So this is a machine that makes life easier and more enjoyable. With this mobile light air conditioner, both sleeping and working at home in a comfortable temperature are possible again.

Technical data of the HBM Compact Mobile Air Conditioner - 2050 Watt - 27 m²:

  • Suitable for 27 m²
  • Capacity 7000 BTU/h
  • Sound level: maximum 65 dBA
  • Cooling capacity: 2050 Watt
  • Electricity consumption: 1003 Watt

With the HBM Compact Mobile Air Conditioner - 2050 Watt you have a powerful air conditioner that works quietly and efficiently. With the various luxury options such as the infrared remote control and the sleep timer, the ease of use is increased. In addition, the air conditioner is mobile, which makes it easy to move. With a cooling capacity of 2050 watts, this air conditioner is suitable for a room of up to 27 m². The electricity consumption is only 1003 watts, which means that this air conditioner works more efficiently than many other models. Thanks to the flexible tube and the supplied nozzle, the warm air can easily be discharged to the outside, without warm air flowing in. In short, with this air conditioner from HBM you are ready for the hot days that are coming again!

Article number: 10737-E

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