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HBM hss toolbit square

HBM hss toolbit square

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  • Description

  • Technical data of the HBM HSS Toolbit Square.

  • Our toolbits are for TOP quality HSS M-2 Steel.
  • The following items have a length of 100mm

    • HBM 3mm HSS Toolbit Square 2478
    • HBM 4mm HSS Toolbit Square 01990
    • HBM 5mm HSS Toolbit Square 01991
    • HBM 6mm HSS Toolbit Square 01992
    • HBM 8mm HSS Toolbit Square 01993
    • HBM 10mm HSS Toolbit Square 01994
    • HBM 12mm HSS Toolbit Square 01995
  • The following items have a length of 150mm

    • HBM 14mm HSS Toolbit Square 01996
    • HBM 16mm HSS Toolbit Square 01997
    • HBM 18mm HSS Toolbit Square 01998
    • HBM 20mm HSS Toolbit Square 01999
  • Buying The HBM hss toolbit square is extremely easy at Toolsidee. You only need to add the product HBM hss toolbit square to the shopping cart and click on checkout. All our products have a minimum factory warranty of 1 year (unless stated otherwise above). Do you have any questions about the HBM hss toolbit square it is always possible to e-mail or call us. You can do this at our contact page. On this page you will also find information about sending the product back.

    Article number: 3169-E

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    Fast shipping throughout Europe!
    Cooling-off period 14 days
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    Delivery times 1 - 3 working days
    Cooling-off period 14 days
    Delivery times 1 - 3 working days

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