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HBM Professional 320 KG Mini Dumper on Tracks 196 cc - 6.5 HP

HBM Professional 320 KG Mini Dumper on Tracks 196 cc - 6.5 HP

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A wheelbarrow is a useful construction and gardening tool, but it has its limitations. For example, a wheelbarrow (even the types with two tires) can hardly drive over loose earth or rubble, especially when it is fully loaded. The weight that can be transported with a wheelbarrow is also limited. In addition, working with a wheelbarrow is physically demanding work that can lead to back problems. This motorized mini dumper is made to remove all the drawbacks and disadvantages of a wheelbarrow and to transport heavy loads everywhere effortlessly.


The caterpillar tracks of this compact 6.5 HP dump truck guarantee a good grip on any surface. The tracks also spread the weight of the dump truck and the load over a larger surface, so that the mini dumper will not sink into soft ground.

Multifunctional due to tipping body with adjustable walls

The tiltable container has adjustable walls, which makes this attractive transport machine very multifunctional.

Without walls, this dumper is a moving platform for transporting a load up to a weight of max. 320 kg. Ideal for, for example, transporting a pallet full of tiles or bricks to the place where work is being done and where you cannot reach with a forklift.

With the four walls attached to the bucket and retracted, a large amount of soil (or bulk material) can be moved. At the dump site, the front wall can then be extended or removed completely in order to dump.

With the front wall omitted, the bucket is a conventional tipping bucket. The front wall can also be extended briefly if you want to dump with earth or sand. That makes this machine ideal for small earthmoving, for use in places where a shovel cannot reach.

Because the walls can also be fixed in extended position, the size of the container can be increased, as it were. If the walls are extended, for example, branches or tree trunks can easily be transported during major pruning work.

Agility and control

Thanks to the 3 gears and a high and low gearing, you can drive this dumper both fast and very slow. You can also drive backwards in two speeds. With the two handles on the ergonomic steering rod, the clutch (and therefore drive) is operated from the left and right tracks. This way you can control the mini dumper even in small spaces.


This is therefore an ideal machine for every professional bricklayer, paver, gardener and for ground work such as the construction of infrastructure. This mini dumper goes far beyond the applications of a wheelbarrow and enables a working method on the construction site that increases the pace and reduces the physical strain.

  • Technical features of the HBM Professional 320 KG Mini Dumper on Tracks 196 cc - 6.5 HP

  • - Displacement 196cc.
  • - Power 4.8 kW (6.5 hp)
  • - Working speed forward/backward max. 4.90 / 2.3 km/h.
  • - TPM 3,600
  • - Pull Starter Yes
  • - Drive gears
  • - Safety brake Automatically
  • - Equipped with clutch handles Yes
  • - Height side walls 290mm
  • - Load capacity 320 kg
  • - Mechanical tilt mechanism Yes
  • - Tipping angle 60 degrees
  • - Fuel (E10) Euro 95 unleaded petrol
  • - Fuel tank 3.6 litres
  • - Oil type SAE10W-30
  • - Oil tank 600ml
  • - Minimum turning circle diameter 1.15m
  • - Machine dimensions 160x 60x92cm
  • - Weight 170 kg
  • Gears
  • - Forward 1 0.5 Km/h
  • - Forward 2 0.8 Km/h
  • - Forward 3 1.3 Km/h
  • - Forward 4 1.8 Km/h
  • - Forward 5 3.0 Km/h
  • - Forward 6 4.9 Km/h
  • - Reverse 1 0.6 Km/h
  • - Reverse 2 2.3 Km/h
  • Purchasing HBM Professional 320 KG Mini Dumper on Tracks 196 cc - 6.5 HP is extremely simple at Toolsidee. You just need to add the product HBM Professional 320 KG Mini Dumper on Tracks 196 cc - 6.5 HP to the cart and then click on pay. All our products come with a minimum 1-year factory warranty (unless stated otherwise above). If you have questions about HBM Professional 320 KG Mini Dumper on Tracks 196 cc - 6.5 HP, it's always possible to email or call us via our contact page. You can pay using Paypal, Klarna, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, SOFORT Banking, Giropay, iDeal, Bancontact / Mister Cash.

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