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Rustyco reactor

10,0/10 (1 reviews)

Rustyco reactor

10,0/10 (1 reviews)

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The Rustyco Reactor is the perfect solution for rust problems and is a product of the Rustyco brand. By using this rust remover you ensure that the rust problem is tackled quickly and efficiently.

Technical data of the Rustyco Reactor

  • As soon as the REACTOR has been applied to the penetrating oil, the unique PURPELING ® reaction takes effect after a short time.
  • Turns purple when rusting, has a characteristic smell.
  • Rust breaks open, becomes porous and dissolves.
  • All pores are opened.
  • Penetrating oil now penetrates deep into the rust.
  • Can effortlessly penetrate the screw thread.
  • Works on any brand of penetrating oil and multi spray.

With this rust remover, your rust problem is quickly solved. You will see that the rust has disappeared after treatment and your machine can perform optimally again. Whether you are a professional user or just want to solve a rust problem at home, the Rustyco Reactor is the perfect choice.

Article number: 584-E

  • "It is excellent !!"

    Jason Lee - 29-05-2020

    Very easy to unscrew the stuck bolts.

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