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Tormek tt - 50 diamond sharpening stone

Tormek tt - 50 diamond sharpening stone

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  • Description

  • Technical data of the Tormek TT - 50 Diamond Sharpening Stone Ritser.

  • 1. Easy to move over the stone
  • You can move the stone flitter over the stone without applying force. Operate both buttons (left and right) with both hands for a gradual movement of the rocker.
  • Thanks to the controlled movement you get a smooth stone surface without grooves. Grading afterwards with the gradation stone is not necessary. The slower you move the flattener over the stone, the finer the surface becomes, a time frame of 90 seconds about moving over the stone gives you a nice finish of the stone.
  • 2. Control over the surface depth
  • You can precisely adjust the surface depth with the micro adjuster on the universal guide. The new universal conductors have a scale of 0.25mm (0.01 "). You can also use the micro-adjuster without scale, 0.25mm (0.01") then stands for 1/6 turn.
  • 3. Removed more grinding residues
  • With a faster movement over the stone (for example 30 seconds instead of 90 seconds), small grooves are created in the stone, which makes the stone grind coarser and therefore more suitable for harder metals with a large grinding surface.
  • Buying The Tormek tt - 50 diamond sharpening stone is extremely easy at Toolsidee. You only need to add the product Tormek tt - 50 diamond sharpening stone to the shopping cart and click on checkout. All our products have a minimum factory warranty of 1 year (unless stated otherwise above). Do you have any questions about the Tormek tt - 50 diamond sharpening stone it is always possible to e-mail or call us. You can do this at our contact page. On this page you will also find information about sending the product back.

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    Cooling-off period 14 days
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