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HBM 5 in 1 professional digital multimeter

HBM 5 in 1 professional digital multimeter

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With the HBM 5 in 1 Professional Digital Multimeter you have a versatile piece of measuring equipment with which you can measure all kinds of quantities. This autoranging multimeter is able to measure the following quantities, with a range of:

  • voltage [400 mV - 600 V DC / 4V - 600V AC (40-400Hz)]
  • current [ 400 µA - 10 A]
  • resistance [0 - 40MΩ ]
  • guidance [Ω ] (with sound signal)
  • diode voltage drop [V]
  • capacitance [1nF - 1000µF]
  • frequency [0.1 Hz - 200 kHz] (measurement by standard probe)
  • duty cycle [1%-99%] (measurement by standard probe)
  • temperature [-50 - 1000°C] (built-in sensor + external thermocouple type K)
  • relative humidity [30%-90%] (built-in sensor)
  • noise level [dB] (built-in microphone)
  • brightness [lux] (built-in light sensor)

With the REL button you can perform relative measurements, whereby for example the background noise level can be "filtered out" from the measurement. You can also store any value on the display with the HOLD button. With the FUNCTION button you can switch between AC and DC voltage measurement. For measuring currents above 400mA there is a separate input that is not fused and can measure up to 10A (maximum duration 15 min.).

This multimeter has a very solid professional housing, with good operating buttons, solid rotary switch, clearly readable high-contrast LCD display and a nice rubber bumper. It works on one 9V battery and has a very bright blue backlight that can be turned on or off. Included are the multimeter, the corresponding probe (with protective caps and approx. 80 cm long cables) and the supplied thermocouple, in a beautiful black case with separate storage compartments.

In short: This is not only a gadget, but also a very versatile measuring tool that should not be missing in your workshop!

Article number: 1803-E

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Fast shipping throughout Europe!
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Reflection period 14 days
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