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HBM 52-piece professional dent removal set / dent removal without spraying

HBM 52-piece professional dent removal set / dent removal without spraying

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The HBM 52 Piece Professional Dent Removal Set / Dent Removal without spraying comes in a handy storage bag and is ideal for removing hail damage and small dents. With this professional tool you can remove dents without having to spray. The set contains different sizes and shapes of tools, so that you can remove every dent in a different way. In addition, an inflatable bag is also included to create space between the door and the door window. All tools are made of stainless steel and carbon steel. With this set in combination with gluing / adhesive technique you can handle every dent and dent. You do not need to spray paint for this, so no color differences arise. This saves you time and therefore costs.

This comprehensive car dent removal kit contains everything you need for dent removal without paint damage (PDR). This dent removal kit contains all essential parts for dent removal:

  • percussion hammer
  • Mini hitchhiker
  • Glue gun 40 W
  • 32 x Glue Cartridge (Red + Blue + Yellow)
  • 6 x Glue Stick (Yellow-1.1 x 20cm)
  • 2 x dent removal pins (white)
  • Glue remover bottle (white plastic bottle-60 ml - empty)
  • Dent removal tool with 8 different attachments
  • dent hammer
  • Hammer (25mm)
  • Plastic scraper
  • dent bridge
  • Mini T bar
  • Reflection plate (yellow + black)
  • Pump wedge (black)
  • Carrying Case (Red + Black)

With this set you can repair dents in almost any place on any vehicle. It comes in a carrying case for easy portability and storage.

Article number: 2870-E

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