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HBM mounting key for fuel pumps

HBM mounting key for fuel pumps

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The HBM fuel pump mounting wrench is specially designed to allow easy loosening of the plastic ring with which the fuel pump is mounted in the tank. As a result, you do not have to have expensive repairs carried out at the dealer.

Suitable for most European vehicles

The HBM Assembly Key is suitable for most European vehicles, such as BMW, Mercedes Benz and VAG. So you no longer have to search for a key that fits your car exactly. With the HBM Assembly Key you are assured of a perfect fit.

Adjustable from 122-199mm

The HBM Assembly wrench is adjustable from 122-199 mm. This allows you to use this key for multiple brands and types of fuel pumps. Thanks to the adjustability, you do not have to purchase different keys for different brands and types. The HBM Assembly Key is simply all you need.

3/8" connection

The HBM Assembly wrench has a 3/8" connection. This makes the wrench easy to use with other tools. This offers you the opportunity to work quickly and efficiently, so that you have more time for other chores.

The HBM Assembly wrench for fuel pumps is an indispensable tool for anyone who likes to tinker with his car himself. Thanks to the adjustability and the 3/8" connection, you save time and money and you can replace the fuel pump of your car yourself without any worries. Order the HBM mounting key for fuel pumps today and experience the convenience of this handy key for yourself!

Article number: 1475-E

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Cooling-off period 14 days
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