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HBM air booster

HBM air booster

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If you mount a tire on a wheel, you often have the problem that the sidewalls of the tire are bent inwards. If you now want to inflate the tire, the air will flow right out again. Getting the tire onto the wheel properly by hand is a frustrating job. Fortunately, there is now the HBM Airbooster, with which you can have the tire on your wheel in no time! Pressing the trigger releases a powerful jet of air that pushes the tire into place. Then you can slowly inflate the tire. The HBM Airbooster has an air reservoir of 18 liters with a maximum pressure of 8 bar. You can easily fill the reservoir with our compressors. You will be amazed how much time and effort this device saves you! Indispensable in every garage. The HBM Airbooster is suitable for placing passenger cars, motorcycles, ATVs, light agricultural vehicles and even trucks.

Product specifications of the HBM Airbooster with 18 Liter Tank.

  • Tank capacity 18 liters.
  • Recommended pressure 6-8Bar.
  • Other specifications.
  • Supplied with mouthpiece.

Article number: 3399-E

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Fast shipping throughout Europe!
Cooling-off period 14 days
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Cooling-off period 14 days
Delivery times 1 - 3 working days

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